Black and White legendaries revealed

Pokemon Black & White — 14 September, 2010

More details have surfaced about the legendary pokemon from the upcoming Pokemon Black & White - just 4 days away from release in Japan!! First things first - there will be a total of 156 new pokemon, taking the total to 649.

There are 9 in-game legendaries - three trios - plus 6 event legendaries. We don't have names or images yet, only types and numbers. Some of the numbering is a bit weird so may not be 100% correct.

Legendary Fighting Trio

#638 is Steel/Fighting.
#639 is Rock/Fighting.
#640 is Grass/Fighting.

Raijin trio

Raijin is the Japanese god of thunder and lightning so these pokemon may be connected with the weather or the elements.
#641 is pure Flying type, which is a first.
#642 is Electric/Flying.
#645 is Ground/Flying.

Dragon trio

Like generation IV there will be a dragon trio.
#643 will be Reshiram, who is Dragon/Fire.
#644 will be Zekrom, who is Dragon/Electric.
#646 is Dragon/Ice and likely to be the subject of the "third game" in the Gen V series.

Event legendaries

Several of these are likely to be released over Wi-Fi.
#494 (national) or #000 (Issue dex) is Victini who is Psychic/Fire.
Zorua and Zoroark (Dark-types) will be given away at real-life events.
#647 is Water/Fighting.
#648 is Normal/Psychic.
#649 is Bug/Steel.

As for the next couple of weeks, we expect pokemon details to be known pretty quickly. We'll be updating our pokedex as and when pokemon are revealed - so stay tuned!

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