Announcing PokemonDb - a new Pokedex mobile web app!

Site Updates — 02 June, 2011

PokemonDb mobile app logo If you follow @pokemondb on Twitter you will have seen me mention a mobile app I have been working on for several weeks. Today I am proud to officially announce its release!

First things first - you can find the app, simply called PokemonDb, at the following address:

It is what's known as an offline web app - put simply, it's a website with some special features for mobile phones. When you load the app first time, it will download all the Pokedex data to your phone so that you can use the app whenever, wherever, without an internet connection. (This means we are free of binding restrictions from Apple et al.)

It works great on Apple iPhone, and it also works on Google Android phones, the latest Blackberries and all modern smartphones. See screenshots below.

To use the app, simply visit the link above from your phone's web browser (e.g. Safari on iPhone). You can also install it by tapping Add to Home Screen from the menu, or a similar option on other phones. It will then sit alongside your other apps!

I hope everyone enjoys this app! You can leave feedback, questions and suggestions over at Meta-Pokebase or via Twitter.

Here are some screenshots:

Pokemon list
Pokemon list

Pokemon page - Haxorus
Basic Pokedex page

Pokemon stats - Haxorus
Pokemon stats

Move page - Hydro Pump
Move page

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