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I traded Electabuzz and holded it with Electrizer. It didn't evolve. What's going on?

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I wanna know!

asked Nov 25, 2012 by inferapemaster
or maybe they have to meet a diff lvl sorry... maybe you have to trade with magmar like a karrablast and shelmet do.
That doesn't help me.

1 Answer

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Did you trade it while it was holding the Electrizer? Are you sure you got the right item?
Double check, maybe you did something wrong.

answered Nov 25, 2012 by Mewderator
Oh , wow It had Magmarizer. Probably my brother sneaked when I was going to get my other DSI.
Thanks. c:
wow you answer fast mew :)
thats true.
I don't know if you people noticed...but were talking Mewderator here. The fingers go by as a blinking eye. And then the answer is up. Mew is master of the...TA-DAA moment by being able to outspeed anybody including Pokemon in typing. Tribute. BOOM.
I won in an answer battle one time I think. But I know one place Mewderator beat me with a stick.