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Is Hydreigon OP at all?

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I'm just wondering cause his stats are really good and has a pretty good move-pool, so I thought that his is a bit OP. (but the fact that he evolves at level 64 makes sense.) P.S OP mean over powered. For the people who don't know what it means.

asked Nov 26, 2012 by thewither

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Hes OP in any tier under OU, but he is easily dealt with Scarf Fighting Move, or a bulky Dragon type.

answered Nov 26, 2012 by Pokenubz
selected Nov 26, 2012 by thewither
Thanks! :D
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Yeah. Hydreigon is. All the pswado (sorry if spelled wrong) legendaries are, a total of 600 is equal and sometimes higher than some legendary Pokemon's stats. An example for lower is Cresselia and an example for equal is Jirachi,Mew,or Celebi. It's lowest stat is 90 which is the highest for some Pokemon so I would definitly say yes.Plus it has a wide movepool. With a lot of strong moves to make it very powerful it dominates most non-legendary dragons all over Unova, and in other reigons.Plus he's not in Ubers (which he should be in)so he dominates. I'm actually suprised GameFreak didn't put the pswados(Still, sorry if spelled wrong)in the Uber tier,because darkrai,Deoxys-A,Deoxys-S,and normal Deoxys all have 600 total base stats. Which is exactly the same for all Pswados.There's a reason everyone wants a hydreigon,it's movepoool is sooo wide it can have HUGE type coverage with Earthquake,Ice Fang,Focus Blast,Dragon Pulse,Surf,Flash Cannon,Flamethrower, and a couple more.Out of the 93 generation 5 TMs, Hydreigon can be taught 41 of them. Mor than half!So due to hydreigon not being in the Uber tier,hydreigon is definitly OP, along with the other pswado(still sorry, I need to look that up)legendaries.

Special Attack:125
Special Defense:90

answered Nov 26, 2012 by Megaflygon
edited Nov 30, 2012 by Megaflygon
Stats dont make a pokemon OP, Cresselia may have lower stats then Hydreigon but its harder to deal with then Hydreigon :3
Sableye has way lower stats, and it is a PAIN.
Nice, I just noticed from your comment. :P This is really cool!
But it's not in OU and has a very wide movepool unlike Sableye, which opens up a lot of type coverage.
Actually Hydreigon is OU.
"psuedo"  :P
Thanks DA
This is such a terrible answer on so many levels. Hydreigon could have 20000 special attack (125 base Special Attack, it's top stat) and it would still lose to Garchomp, Salamence, Lati@s, and any Dragonite/Haxorus after a Dragon Dance and even possibly even Flygon simply because its terrible speed stat which is beneath all of these dragons. All of them have the attack/SpA to power through its rather nice defensive stats.

It's typing is pretty crappy defensively as well being weak to fighting moves in general, especially Mach Punch which bypasses speed regardless. Breloom would absolutely ravage it with Technician boosted Mach Punch. All the legendary Musketeers out speed Hydreigon and can either set up or go for an easy kill with Close Combat/Focus Blast/Secret Sword or even X Scizor if they desire trolling.

There are plenty of other Pokemon that can easily shut down Hydry (Volcarona can even start setting up Quiver Dances or go straight for the kill with Stab Bug Buzz comin off base 135 SpA) which hardly makes it overpowered. It's actually really well balanced if you ask me.