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I was wondering are the Pokemon of the trainers in battle subway preset or do they go off of the Pokemon you selected?

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im asking this because I made a mono fire team and it seemed like every trainer I battled against were useing all mono water until I was basicly defeated

asked Nov 28, 2012 by THE-ANGRY-HYDREIGON

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It's more of random chance. You use three (or four in double battles) Pokemon, so when a Pokemon which is strong against one of yours shows up, some people are inclined to shout "OMG HAX." The trainers have pre-set Pokemon, which you can find on Serebii.
The trainers on the Battle Subway have different combinations
Here is the Serebi link

Hope this helps

answered Nov 28, 2012 by Sciz
selected Nov 28, 2012 by THE-ANGRY-HYDREIGON