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How do you get Celebi in SS?

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asked Aug 26, 2010 by tsfmistros
edited Aug 26, 2010 by Pokemaster

3 Answers

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You can only get Celebi from and event. Unfortunately, all the events with it have passed, so you would have to trade for it. If you have the japanese version of the pokemon colosseum bonus disc, you can get it on a GBA game, then pal park it to gen 4.

answered Aug 26, 2010 by DarkTyphlosion
edited Aug 27, 2010 by DarkTyphlosion
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answered Aug 26, 2010 by Pokemaster
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no pokemon is not getabel you can use cheat to get it but i dont alow it but in this case i do

answered Mar 20, 2012 by fuzzy292