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What determines which person will come for the frillish board in Humilau city?

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Like sometimes when you go to the facemask in humilau city,a guy will come and take a photo with the person he comes with(eg)sometimes marlon comes,a clerk,gothorita,etc.What determines which person will come?

asked Dec 15, 2012 by Exca le roi
edited Dec 15, 2012 by Exca le roi
Do you mean the Frillish board?
Ah. Thanks.

1 Answer

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Apparently it's just a random NPC that appears. It's purpose is to give you a medal but nothing else.

answered Dec 15, 2012 by Magnegon
selected Dec 15, 2012 by Exca le roi
i need a proof, man!
Sorry no official word (It's absolutely no where!) But this does seem legit. I only said apparent. Sorry I can't test this by messing with the DS clock.