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Should I replace Zap Cannon for Thunderbolt on my Eelektross?

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Because Zap Cannon has low accuracy.

asked Jan 1, 2013 by SpacefishFlygon
edited Aug 29, 2014 by Sempiternus
I think zap cannon is perfectly combined with coil.You can increase accuracy with coil and then use zap cannon. Also the 100% chance of paralyze is great.

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I think you should keep thunderbolt because like you said zap cannon has very poor accuracy but it does do a lot of damage. Thunderbolt has amazing accuarcy and can deal a good amount of damage so I think you should stick with thunderbolt. Thunderbolt also has a 10 percent chance of paralyzing the target so in that case you should keep thunderbolt.

enter image description here Hope I helped!~awesomebanana917

answered Jan 1, 2013 by FrozenVanillite
edited Mar 2, 2013 by FrozenVanillite
Zap cannon does have an 100 percent chance of paralyzing the target but there is only 50 percent chance it will even hit.
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Thunderbolt has 10% chance of Paralysis.

Zap Cannon
Zap Cannon has a 100% chance of Paralysis.

If you are wanting you Eeleketross to be a haxy Pokemon then go for Zap Cannon but remember it is not very accurate...At all.
If you just want a good Special sweeper than Thunderbolt is for you. Personally I would go for Thunderbolt but it completely depends on what role you want your Eeleketross to hold and maintain.
Hope this helps! ^.^

answered Jan 1, 2013 by Sciz