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Which pokemon have the best stats?

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Other than legendary pokemon, can you name the best pokemon for each stat. Also please do not include shuckle.

asked May 27, 2010 by ohioscyther
edited Aug 6, 2011 by Pokemaster

1 Answer

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Blissey has the highest health with a base stat of 255, Ramparados has the highest attack with a base 165, Steelix has the highest defense with a base of 200, Alakazam has the highest sp. attack with a base 135, Probopass has the highest sp. defense with a base 150, and Ninjask has the highest speed with a base 160.

answered May 27, 2010 by Swampert
Thanks again swampert ;}
soooo my coment on this answer is that my infernapes stats are
sp atk-294
sp def-256
i think that slaking has the highest attack wiht a base of 461
and blissey ,wigglytuf and wailord have the best health with a base of 255, 312, 489.
zulfiqar, it's BASE Stat.  It's not actualy the full potential.