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What are non-legendary pokemon which can learn Cut, Strength, and Rock Smash?

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I know this is silly question, but I appreciate your answer...

asked Sep 15, 2010 by Wobbuffet33

3 Answers

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This isn't a slly question. Here, you know what, there are so many, I am not even going to bother listing them all. Just select the moves you want in the boxes, then click "find matches."

answered Sep 15, 2010 by trachy
Wow... this all that I need! Thanks...
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For HMs you can use our HM compatibility chart here:
Just tick the ones you want. There are loads that can learn Cut, Strength, and Rock Smash!

answered Sep 15, 2010 by Pokemaster
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If your in Sinnoh, get an Infernape! (Hopefully have another because it's a starter)

answered Sep 16, 2010 by Pokemon Master 9999
No, Infernape is a starter and I will not give it a HM! hmm... by the way, I play heart gold...