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Which type has had the most gym leaders and which has had the least gym leaders?

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I was just wanting to know but I do not want dark for the least gym leaders since it has absolutely no gym leaders of that type (but somehow has an elite 4)

asked Feb 21, 2013 by Proffessor Epic

1 Answer

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The least used Gym Type is Steel and Bug and Ghost. Steel is used by Jasmine and Byron Total of 2,Bug is used by Bugsy and Burgh Total of 2 and Ghost is used by Morty and Fantina Total of 2

The most used Gym Type is Water It is used by Misty,Wallace,Juan,Crusher Wake,Cress and Marlon Total of 6

SOURCE : Experience and This

answered Feb 21, 2013 by MK 42
edited Feb 21, 2013 by MK 42
Expereience reallt isnt much of a source in this case, and it's crasher wake ;)
LOL, Ben. xD
Bug is also used by the first gym leader in x/y