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What ability and nature for my Tangrowth?

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Does the hidden ability need dream world? If so I can't get it.

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Det sounds cool Teod xP

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it depends what type of tangrowth attacker tank?

I use to run defensive tangrowth

Abillity: Regenerator

Nature: Bold / Relaxed

Do you want EVs then just do a comment ok :D


[EDIT] EVs 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpA
There you go

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Yes please.
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That's what hidden ability means.... Obtainable in the DW. But in B/W 2 on Route 13's Hidden Grotto there is a 4% chance to find a Tangela in there. movesets for a Tangrowth.

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That has natures and abilities..... Along with moves..... and items...