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What is a good moveset for Reshiram?

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asked Sep 28, 2010 by Speed freak
edited Feb 11, 2011 by Pokemaster
Speed freak, I'd suggest putting your moveset as an answer instead of in the question, so people can vote it up.
Check the guide here:
Likely Tier: Uber.

11 Answers

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Reshiram @ Choice Scarf/Lum Berry/Life Orb

Trait: Turboblaze

EVs: 252 SAtk / 4 SDef / 252 Spd

Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)

  • Blue Flare
  • Dragon Pulse
  • Shadow Ball
  • Focus Blast/Flame Charge
answered Jun 30, 2011 by trachy
edited Jul 10, 2011 by trachy
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Blue flame(stab)

Dragon pulse(stab and coverage)

Psychic(good power)

HP(grass or water)

item wide lens to boost blue flame accuracy

ev train S. attack and S. def

answered Sep 28, 2010 by Speed freak
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An incredibly powerful Dragon type. This guy is of course Uber. With these stats, how can it not be? However, I think it worse than Zekrom.

Ability: Turbo Blaze

EVs: HP, Speed, Special Attack Nature: Modest

Blue Flame/Cross Flame: Power or accuracy? Always a great question. Choose wisely. Which one do you think will be more helpful? Also can make use of Turbo Blaze I think.

Dragon Pulse: Dragon type STAB move, great for Uber battling.

Reflect: Helps it to survive physical blows, which Ground, Rock, and Dragon usually are. This gives it an advantage against other Dragons.

Shadow Ball: Uber. Psychic. Weakness. Ghost. Figure. Out. For. Yourself. What. I. Am. Saying.

answered Sep 29, 2010 by trachy
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Turbo Reshiram

Nature: Timid/Modest
Ability: Turbo-blaze
Item: Leftovers
EVs: 252 S.attack, 252 Speed, 6 Hp


Flame-charge has no offensive use on this set it is for raising his speed from Decent to great. Blue-flare is the STAB and it is VERY STRONG STAB at that. Dragon-pulse is also STAB. Psychic/HP(Ground)/Shadow-ball choose your coverage move.

answered Sep 29, 2011 by Speed freak
edited Apr 27, 2012 by Speed freak
psychic and shadow ball doesnt even cover anything for reshiram. he has 3 weaknesses: Dragon, which is easy to cover, rock and ground. psychic is good against fight and poison, ghost is good against ghost, fighting, psichic, so two of the three coverage moves you wrote there arent even coverage.
Coverage does not necessarily mean coverage over your weakness. BTW Ghost is not Super-effective on Fighting :P
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This guy has three weaknesses, and noone is actually trying to cover any of them, so I'll do it.
Reshiram is weak to Ground, Rock and Dragon. Ground and Rock can both be covered by a grass type move, and Dragon covers Dragon.

Solar Beam It is the only Grass move Reshiram learns, it is very powerful, covers Rock and Ground, however, it is a little slow. I think there is an item that makes it a one-turn-attack. I think it is a herb of some kind, if you know, please comment on this answer.
Dragon Pulse/Dragon Claw/Outrage/Draco Meteor It is up to you which one of these you want. I would prefer Dragon Pulse over Dragon Claw due to Reshiram's high Special Attack, but if you choose Dragon Pulse, the moveset would not include any Attack moves, only Special Attack. Between Outrage and Draco Meteor, it is hard to decide, because they are both very powerful moves. Outrage causes confusion, and Draco Meteor lowers Special Attack, so if you choose Draco Meteor or Outrage, I would recommend switching out.
Fusion Flare and/or Blue Flare Blue Flare has a bad accuracy, but awesome power, Fusion Flare has high accuracy but not as much power. It is hard to choose, because they are both signature moves of Reshiram, which makes life harder. You can also have both of them if you want to, but true "Pokemon Masters" wouldn't agree with that, so it really is up to you.
Hyper Voice (If you're not having both Fusion Flare and Blue Flare) This is an awesome move and not many Pokemon can actually learn it, so I would be considering to have this move too. I personally prefer to have both Fusion Flare and Blue Flare, but it is really up to you.

I hope this helps.

answered Apr 27, 2012 by SzupR
edited Apr 29, 2012 by SzupR
It's Power Herb.
Altough you might as well use Reshiram in the sun.
Having both Fusion Flare and Blue flare is a complete waste.
1. it is totally up to you speed freak, i wrote that seventy times there above, so ur comment was unnecessary.
2. thanks hex, ill remember now
i think it would be better though if one of the signature moves were dragon type to make life easier.instead of both signature moves being fire (same goes to victini and zekrom). i often use both fusion flare and blue flare so i personally like to have them both, but it is ur reshiram, u do whatever u want with it
Why have Hyper Voice??
It's ok, but it's not the best, I'd rather repllace it with Outrage to be honest and have a move set of:
Fusion Flare
Blue Flare

Reason; Dragon type moves are effective against anything other than steel so you don't need Solar Beam, Fly effective against water, grass, fighting and bug, And the Fire type moves effective against Bug, Grass, Ice and Steel!
i dont see ur point in using fly. maybe use crunch, coz its a nice move to have. reshiram can learn lots of moves, so there are many good combinations. i like hyper voice better, but that is my personal opinion. btw, i dont think fly has an advantage against water types.
Well all i gotta do is change Draco meteor/outrage to solar beam
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Sun Glasses

Item: Choice-specs
Ability: Turbo-blaze
Nature: Timid/Modest
EVs: 252 S.Attack, 252 Speed, 6 Hp


Draco-meteor or Dragon-pulse



Use with Sun Support. This set is all about doing ridicules amounts of damage. Blue-flare is super strong STAB in the Sun! Draco-meteor is STAB+Switch while Dragon-pulse would be for continued use. Solar-beam is powerful coverage. Focus-blast is strong coverage. Just to give you an idea of how strong this is, in the Sun Reshiram's Blue-flare can 2KO full S.Defense and HP Lugia with Multi-scale.

answered Jun 19, 2012 by Speed freak
edited Jun 21, 2012 by Speed freak
If anyone is wondering why I did not put in Shadow ball it is because, even though it has awesome coverage in Uber, Blue-flare hits harder on anything that takes Super effective damage from Shadow ball except on Giratina and Lati@s who take super-effective damage from Dragon-pulse/Draco-meteor.

Super-effective Shadow-ball = 160 Base power
Neutral Reshiram Blue-flare = 195 Base power (292.5 with Sun)
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Well, I never use Legendary pokemon, but Reshiram has an okay movepool.

Hold Item: Wide Lens (increase accuracy of Draco Meteor/Blue Flare)
Ability: Turboblaze
Nature: Timid

  • Blue Flare - Lv. 100, a powerful Sp.Atk. with 130 power, 20% chance of burning.
  • Draco Meteor (move tutor)/Outrage (Lv. 85) - You can choose either the most powerful dragon move with 140 Sp.Atk. power with 5 PP that harshly decreases your Sp.Atk., or a 2-3 turn Atk. move with 120 power and 10 PP, but with a recoil of confusion.
  • Solarbeam - TM22, 120 power, charges up 1st turn and attacks the 2nd. Takes out ground/rock types that are a nuisance.
  • Sunny Day/other move to back up any low PP moves - Sunny Day to allow the immediate use of Solarbeam and increases Blue Flare's power. The other option is to use a backup move to either counter another type or back up another move in the set (ie:Flamethrower isn't as strong as Blue Flare, but has 3x the PP)
answered Jul 27, 2012 by Unbreakable
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Reshiram @ Absorb Bulb
Trait: Turboblaze
EVs: Sp.Attack/Attack/Speed
Relaxed Nature (+Def -Spd)

  1. Blue Flare (LV.100)
  2. Fusion Flare (LV.50)
  3. Hyper Beam (TM15)
  4. Focus Blast (TM52)

First two have STAB. Hyper Beam has lots of power and it gets more power because it has more power from sp.attack. Focus Blast is to bat the rock types.

answered Jan 25, 2013 by Sparkszapping
Just saying, but Hyper Beam kinda sucks. Dragon Pulse and Draco Meteor are both STAB and they dont have to recharge
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Ok here is my favorite pwning beast which is best served under the sun:

Reshiram @ Choice Specs
252 SpA/ 4 HP/ 252 Spe

Blue Flare
Fusion Flare
Dragon Pulse
Draco Meteor

Ok, so many people are think, what the... no coverage? But Fire and Dragon have perfect coverage! Blue Flare is the best STAB move of choice, and under the sun will OHKO anything that does not resist it, excluding the pink blobs, and leave massive dents in those that do. Fusion Flare may be weaker, but with its 100/100 typing, he doesn't need to worry about missing his target. Dragon Pulse is also STAB and will leave hole in your opponents team that will stay forever! Draco Meteor is a favorite though because the first one will OHKO almost anything in the Ubers tier excluding bulky types like Lugia, Ferrothorn, Arceus-Steel, and few others.

answered Jan 26, 2013 by DracoArceus
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The best moveset for Reshiram is:

1.Fusion Flare

2.Blue Flare

3.Draco Meteor

4.Dragon Pulse

These moves shows Reshiram's power and in mine Pokemon Black Version I have never lost with these moves, I have tried and with other movesets but I lose with only these moves I always win.

answered Jul 1, 2013 by leftereom
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Ability: Turbo Blaze

Item: Power Herb

EVs: 252 Speed, 252 Special Attack, 6 HP
Nature: Modest/Timid

Blue Flame/Fusion Flame: STAB Power or Accuracy?

Dragon Pulse: Dragon STAB, Best for UBERS

Solar Beam: Coverage with item Power Herb for one turn use.

Earth Power: Coverage Good ground special attack

answered Dec 24, 2014 by CraigAtoZ