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how to ev train lucario

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i have been training my lucario where should i ev train it to have good special attack attack and speed without making its defences and hp pitiful

asked May 30, 2010 by Speed freak
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pokemon platinum

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For starters you can't have everything. If you train in certain stats, then others have to lose out a little.

I'd recommend choosing either attack or special attack to focus on, that way you can get it really high.

For special attack, beat Gastly/Haunter in the Old Chateau.

For attack, try Route 210, you'll find Bibarel, Machop, Machoke and Scyther.

For Speed, there are Starly on Route 201 and some speed-giving pokemon in the Trophy Garden.

answered Jun 1, 2010 by Pokemaster
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well i trained my lucario but its still lv.49 and he's very good because i thaught him focus punch
close combat
aura sphere
focus blast so i think if you have a pokemon of level 100 give your lucario an exp share and make your lucario fight and win but if your lucario is in low hp switch it with another pokemon and your lucario will get exp points. or give it items to hold like black belt,x attack,x defence and so on.{thats a long answer is'nt it}

answered May 30, 2010 by zulfiqar