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Is this a good rock team and strategy?

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Tyranitar(the team uber and first up)

stone edge
dragon dance

Omaster(the special tank)

ancient power
toxic spikes


iron head
iron defense
stealth rock

Aakeosu(physical sweeper)

stone edge
aerial ace
dragon claw

Rhyperior(physical tank)

stone edge
thunder punch
mega horn


stone edge

the stratigy here is tyranitars sandstream will boost everyones S.def so that they will become very hard to damage it really helps rhyperior and golem and makes bastiodons as high as his defense. and if both stealth rock and toxic spikes are there the enemy will have big issues.

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Every pokemon has Earthquake!? its good, but I think only 2 0r 3 pokemon need it.
Omaster doesn't
So omastar has Earth Power instead of earthquake!

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I like the idea, but what if your opponent sent out a grass type? You need a good pokemon that can take care of it, not just your tyrannitar. If you get a pokemon that has a sceptile with leaf blade, a grovle with earthquake and leafstorm, and another omastar, it could mean trouble for you. If they then get a pokemon with synchronize that has a pecha berry, your omastar might be in alot of trouble. Finally,if you get your tyrannitar against a strong steel/flying type like skarmory, it might mean trouble if skarmory knows steel wing...

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