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Where Can I EV Train Blastoise to have High Sp. Attack?

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In my SS, I want to ev train my blastoise to have excellent sp. attack so it will have a super strong Ice Beam and Hydro Pump. Where can I find high leveled pokemon(lvl 40-50) that give good or great sp. attack evs?

asked Jun 1, 2010 by Swampert

3 Answers

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Usually you wanna fight low level Pokemon when you EV train so that you can max out whatever you want before they level. That way, when they level they get the maximum amount they can per level after that.

If you change your mind to do that instead beat up Psyducks, Houndours, Slugma and Horseas. :) They'll all only give you 1 EV in Special Attack but you can find pretty low level versions of them.

answered Jun 1, 2010 by FynnClover
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I would go to route 8 and battle some Haunter.

answered Jun 1, 2010 by veneon
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answered Jun 1, 2010 by Pokemaster