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Why are there less types in the TCG than in the games?

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There are ten types currently in the TCG, but 17 in the games. For what reason is this the case?

asked Jun 7, 2013 by Dudeicolo

3 Answers

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The TCG has not made symbols for all the types yet so they use the same symbols for some types.For example psychic, ghost, and poison all share the same symbol.

answered Jun 7, 2013 by randomguy
edited Jun 7, 2013 by randomguy
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I have wondered this myself and I have come to these conclusions:

1) Types like water and ice are too closely nit in real life to be separated. (Water freezes into ice and ice melts into water. Common knowledge there)

2) Saves time and money to print out the cards.

3) Makes the card came simpler and more competitive for players.

4) They are just being lazy.

I hope I made some sense and hopefully answered this question correctly. If not, I can always edit this.

answered Jun 7, 2013 by Troll Patrol
But that's not a legitiment reason.
I know, but we can't really answer this without speculation, unless someone knows the reason why or is in the company.
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In the TCG, a Pokemon's attacks are the type the Pokemon is. The Pokemon cannot have several types, only 1. For example, if an electric Emolga card knew Acrobatics, Acrobatics would be Electric, just like Emolga. If there were so many types, then it would actually be rare to have a super-effective or not very effective matchup. I hope this helps.

answered Jun 12, 2013 by Jellohamster