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What is a good mono-dragon team?

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Please include B/W dragons as well

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With or without legendaries?

With: Palkia, Dialga, Giratina, Zekrom, Reshiram, Rayquaza

Without: Ononokusu, Sazandora, Garchomp, Salamance, Kingdra, Dragonite

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Dragonite-The first dragon pokemon chain. With his enormous movepool and nicely distributed stat, predicting him is a difficult task.

Kingdra-a good type combo, leaving only one weakness. Well balanced stats, and a pretty good movepool make for a sturdy sweeper.

Salamance-huge attack, powerful moves and brute force. this guy defines sweeper.

Altaria-While most people use dragons for raw power, many overlook altaria (and flygon for that matter) With the many support moves it has, it give your team the extra edge it needs to win.

Garchomp-A powerhouse who means business. His ability can make him next to impossible to defeat when the sand is up.

Sazando- a Must due to those enormous stats, he'll destory anything in his path between that and his movepool.

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DRAGONAIR - WHAT IS THIS? Believe it or not, Dragonair is a pretty good Dragon. It works best as a stalling supporter, but is actually pretty good. With Shed Skin, it is one of few Pokemon who can utilize Rest fairly well. Pair this with Toxic, Rest, Sleep Talk, and Dragon Rush for a surprisingly effective Sleep Talk set!

SALAMENCE - This thing is a BEAST. It has Outrage, Dragon Dance, Aerial Ace, Crunch, Flamethrower, EVERYTHING. It's got the stats to be a mixed sweeper too, which is phenomenal.

FLYGON - A Ground / Dragon Type with Levitate. need I say more? Claw Sharpen, Dragon Claw, Earthquake, and Fire Blast or Stone Edge, will make an incredibly useful sweeper set. Its generally incredible performance as a Scout is also better now, because of Dragon Tail. It can now scout and sweep at the same time!


KINGDRA - How do you NOT use him? Only one weakness! Waterfall, Dragon Dance, Outrage, and Yawn is all you need to make flawless sweeps! Yawn is mainly used to force a switch toward a stronger foe.

SAZANDO - Like I've said, I think it makes a better scout or tank, but it can sweep as well! Packing Cheer Up, Outrage, Crunch, and Flamethrower, Sazando can really put dents in teams. Its natural bulk makes it plain versatile.

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