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I'm having problems with breeding...can anyone help?

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On Pokemon Black, I was breeding a Chingling for my friend, by putting my Chimeo and my Ditto in the day care. When my egg hatched, I got another Chimeo. o_O


Doesn't Chingling evolve into Chimeo through happiness at night? I tried putting my Umbreon and Ditto in the day care to see if I got another Umbreon because of the same process of evolution, but I got an Eevee, and now I'm just confused...

If there isn't a problem with my game, how can I get a lvl. 1-6 Chingling elsewhere? Is there some place where I can catch Chingling and then breed that? Or should I try breeding with a Pokemon other then Ditto?

asked Jun 14, 2013 by DaCrazyCat
"I'm" having trouble breeding? lol please make the title better/ more appropriate

2 Answers

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In order to breed a Chimecho with a Ditto to produce a Chingling you would need to obtain the item Pure Incense and have the Chimecho hold in when you place it in the Daycare center.

The item can be purchased through an ex-Team Plasma member in the Driftveil Market. (Not the store in the Pokemon center) He offers all Incense items to breed these Pokemon.

Chingling - Pure Incense
Munchlax - Full Incense
Mantine - Sea Incense
Azurill - Wave Incense
Bonsly - Rock Incense
Budew - Rose Incense
Wynaut - Lax Incense
Mime Jr. - Odd Incense
Happiny - Luck Incense

answered Jun 15, 2013 by Breeder Aster
mantyke,not mantine
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Give the chimecho a pure incence,That Will work,If you still result in a chimeco...

Try again if it still doesnt work,Then its probably a glitch!

Source:Pokemon DB/egg groups dot compurer player <-------Just a Hyperlink


answered Jun 14, 2013 by Brisingr
edited Jun 14, 2013 by Brisingr
Wait, "If you still result in a chingling..." Isn't it meant to result as a Chingling? I was asking why it wasn't...
Now,I found out that that would NEVER work,so I found something else,sorry
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