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What is the code to break the 510 EVs limit in pkmn B2?

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platinum has it but black 1/2 I have no clue

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For action replay?
Yep that's the only thing with codes I know of. And by the way I searched for a while and can't find one for B2.

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If you really want to cheat on your game (not sure why) then check on Neoseeker. However, keep in mind that cheating can destroy your game, so I would recommend that you don't use cheats. It makes your game illegal for competitive use and once I cheated on diamond and every time I went to the battle frontier my game would freeze. So I wouldn't use codes if I were you.

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dont worry, i know how it can screw with my games (i'm on my 3rd save file on each one, due to not using my AR properly.)
This doesn't answer the question that was asked... He didn't ask where to find it.