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What is a good mono-psychic type team?

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If you want legedndaries on a team please do two seperate teams(one for legendaries and one for normal) becuase there are more than enough psychic type legendaries to make a team.

asked Oct 15, 2010 by Speed freak

2 Answers

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Alakazam: DER DUH DER!
Psychic: YAY!
Energy Ball: YAY!
Shadow Ball: YAY!
Focus Blast/Earth Power: Powned.

Gardevoir: A Special Tank. And A Good One Too.
Thunderbolt: Good Move.
Hypnosis: Setting Up.
Calm Mind: YAY! Special Tank!
Psychic: Obvious.

Claydol: Bulk!
Toxic: YAY!
Earthquake: .
Rapid Spin: Entry Hazards Annoying? Not anymore.
Psychic: Yay.

Gallade: Psychical Sweeper:
Leaf Blade/Earthquake: YAY!
Stone Edge: Yay!
Psycho Cut: Good.
Close Combat: YAY? Yay.

Metagross: Tank.
Earthquake: YAY!
Meteor Mash: Y. A. Y.
Zen Headbutt: Great!
Agility: SWEEP!

Starrmie: Good Pokemon.
Surf: YAY. For Surf!
Ice Beam: Even Better.
Thunderbolt: YAY!
Grass Knot/Signal Beam: Coverage.

answered Oct 15, 2010 by Swampert
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Aura Sphere
Sky Attack
Hydro Pump
Last Resort
Signal Beam
Shadow Ball
Meteor Mash
Hammer Arm
Energy Ball
Exeggutor:Wood Hammer
Low Kick
Sludge Bomb

answered Oct 15, 2010 by whatever
Appearanty you haven't heard of the special physical split mewtwo should only special moves becuase of uber S.attack aura sphere, flamethrower, psychic, and shadow ball
THUNDEERPUNCH ON ALAKAZAM REALLY no offense but those are bad sets you have to look at there stats becuase alakazam has bad attack.
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