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I need to fill up my pokedex and I want to know how do I catch Meloetta?

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Can I catch meloetta in game or do I have to trade for one?

asked Jul 8, 2013 by DezDengerous1

2 Answers

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You'll have to trade, but it won't work over Wi-Fi for any type of trade... You'll have to trade with a friend over Wi-Fi or Infraded. The reason is that it was an event legendary, so it is impossible to capture it in the wild without hacks.

answered Jul 8, 2013 by Enderdragon
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Meloetta is an event Pokemon, but unfortunately that event finished in April. So now you must trade for it; there is no way to receive it without the event.

However, since Game Freak is aware that not all players have access to the Internet, event Pokemon like Meloetta are not required to complete the Pokedex. So you don't need to capture it unless you want it for battling.

answered Jul 9, 2013 by ƒιzz