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Can Pidove still learn all the moves it will learn when it evolves if you don't let it?

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Hi everybody. I really like the way pidove looks and I think it looks ugly when it evolves so I stop it from evolving every time it goes up a level. If I do that, will it still learn the moves that Tranquill and Unfezant will learn?

Basically, if you don't let a pidove evolve, will it learn every move it will learn if it does evolve?

asked Jul 9, 2013 by pidove
edited Jul 10, 2013 by pidove

1 Answer

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If Pidove learns the Moves as well, then yes, it can. Say Unfezant learns Brave Bird, but Pidove doesn't, it won't learn it at all. Regardless of the evolution.

answered Jul 9, 2013 by Psychic x
selected Jul 15, 2013 by pidove