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Base stats won't change?

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I tried giving my lv. 100 Flygon a Carbos, HP up, and Iron but it says it won't have any effect. So I probably thought since it was because he was a lv.100 so then I tried giving it to my lv. 88 Luxray and it still said it wouldn't have an effect, is there something wrong?

My Flygon's stats:
Attack: 254
Defense: 176
Sp. Atk: 202
Sp. Def: 182
Speed: 278
Hp: 294

My Luxray's stats:
Attack: 275
Defense: 160
Sp. Atk: 206
Sp. Def: 171
Speed: 172
HP: 255

(This is in my Black 2 by the way)

asked Aug 10, 2013 by Shaishai8

1 Answer

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Vitamins raise EVs by 10, according to the stat it says in the description of the Vitamin. If you don't know what those are, you can look at the EV portion of the site under "Game Mechanics".

So there are 2 possibilities. There is a cap of 100 EVs worth of Vitamins in one stat, and you can't use any Vitamins if you are past or at 100 EVs. So that could be a possiblities.

The other possibility is that you're EVs are simply maxed out, at 510 meaning you can't gain any more EVs. You can check your EVs by calling Bianca and she will tell you if they are maxed out for a certain Pokemon.

Hope I helped! :) Source: Experience

answered Aug 10, 2013 by JarJar~
Thank you. My EV was maxed out, and I totally forgot that my Flygon and Luxray caught pokérus so they gained EV quicker.