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Can a Kadabra that's already level 58 and has no EV's get the maximum amount of EV's?

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I randomly happened to catch a shiny Kadabra in Cerulean Cave in my Leaf Green version. It was caught at level 58. Can I get all of the EV's that Kadabra can get? I'm no expert when it comes to EV's.

asked Sep 3, 2013 by wolesnav9

1 Answer

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Yes it can. EVs can be obtained at any level, and a Pokemon has the maximum of 510 (or 508 useful EVs).These 510 EVs can be fully obtained even when training at level 100 (in Gen IV or V, I think the older generations didn't let that happen).

answered Sep 3, 2013 by fondant
So what level of Pokémon would be logical to fight so that Kadabra would be level 100 around the time I have a full amount of EV's?
My knowledge of post-game training in Gen III is sketchy. - this lists some EV training spots, though they're mostly low levelled Pokemon. I suggest fight these first to max out sp. atk and speed EVs, then fight whatever strong Pokemon you can find in Leaf Green. Getting a Luck Egg helps too.