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How does I effectively distribute effort values to a certain Pokémon?

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I have read that I should maximize the best stats of a pokémon with the traditional 252, 252 and 6 effort values, but I also read that I should maximize the worst stats, so I will get a more balanced pokémon. I'm not sure at all.

I'm gonna put an example and maybe I'm gonna explain myself better.
Let's see...
Gyarados. Gyarados best base stats are attack and sp. defense.
When I'm gonna train a Gyarados I ask myself: "Should I train those best stats? 'Cause I can train his defense, so he will resist more attacks and, because his attack is already high, he will be able to defeat my foe's Pokémon if he resists enough time".
But at the same time, I think that if I make those best stats even better, he will be able to defeat my foe's Pokémon faster, but at the risk of getting a strong attack that will make him faint.

asked Sep 11, 2013 by TheRJOS
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It varies really.
With Sweepers (Pokemon designed to 'sweep' the opponent team), you would generally max out speed & attack/special attack and dump the remaining 4 (4 not 6, only multiples of 4s increase stats) on one of the other stats, often HP. This applies to Bulky attackers in a similar way, except the speed EVs on HP, or on both. Mixed attacks generally have the same setup as a dedicated sweeper, except with 4 evs on the other offensive stat, though you can mix up the EVs a little.

The main cases where you maximize the worst only really occurs on walls like Blissey, who needs to invest in it's defense to work better as a mixed wall. It's absoluetly useless on sweeping Pokemon. Generally, to simplify things just use for example, Smogon EV sets, until yo uget a good feel of it.

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answered Sep 11, 2013 by Sempiternus
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