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Would Dialga be able to resist the Fairy type?

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i know that this is hard to answer but dialga is a dragon steel type

asked Oct 4, 2013 by ℛℯოℯოbℯr
edited Oct 4, 2013 by Pokemaster

2 Answers

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Since Dragon takes 2x the damage from Fairy and Steel resist Fairy by 2x, Dialga wouldn't resist Fairy, but it would take neutral damage from it. No Dragon will be able to resist a Fairy move, but Dragon/Steel, Dragon/Poison and Dragon/Fire will take neutral damage from Fairy moves.

answered Oct 4, 2013 by Flafpert
selected Oct 4, 2013 by ℛℯოℯოbℯr
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No, Fairy will probably do normal damage, as it does 1/2 to Steel and x2 to Dragon.

answered Oct 4, 2013 by Orangeymon23