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What happens if you show the guy in Ambrette Town's Fossil Lab a genesect?

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I'm sure that a lot of people are wondering the same thing.

In the fossil lab where you can restore fossils, there is a hiker who really wants to see a genesect? What will you obtain if you show it to him? And more importantly, is pokebank the only way known way to get genesect in X and Y so far? My theory is that because of the new genesect and mewtwo movie coming out, that it will be distributed in an event. But has anyone actually showed the hiker a genesect, and if so, what happened?

asked Oct 16, 2013 by mechacharizard

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He will give you the Drives needed to get the type changes for Techno Blast. Which ones you get are yet to be determined.

answered Oct 16, 2013 by &Psychic x
selected Oct 17, 2013 by mechacharizard
Thanks now I need genesect also where you find him in X and Y?