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What is the quickest way to train 100lvl Pokemon in X/Y?

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The Exp. Share shares exps. with five Pokemon which sucks 'cause can't make so fastly one weak Pokemon to strong.

asked Oct 19, 2013 by Make

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Exp. Share doesn't actually "share" the experience. It gives all your pokémon the same experience earned by the fighter. It doesn't split the experience earned, it gives all your pokémon the full experience earned. But you can turn it off from the Key Item pocket in your bag if you really want to.

I recommend keeping Exp Share on at all times since there's literally no downside to it. You could level 6 pokémon to lv100 just as fast as you would level just one.

answered Oct 19, 2013 by Melvin Ishtar
selected Oct 19, 2013 by Make
Yes that is what I used.Like I had all my poke's around lv. 20-24 I turned on the exp share and they all were at like lv.36 It helped a lot for me.They are all around lv.80 now but that is what got them up so high and so quickly.
This isn't true according to the Status screen's "Exp to next level". All my non-fighters get exactly half the participant's share(plus any bonus from lucky egg, other trainer, etc). The participant's share doesn't change whether or not the Exp Share is on, though, so there's still basically no down side.
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Pokemon Amie + Lucky Egg. Double exp. boost, and just find the highest levelled wild Pokemon & train that way.

Also, Serena/ Calem will rebattle you daily after you beat the game (since they say it's the "neighbourly thing to do"), and at the moment, they're the only strong post game trainer I know of.

answered Oct 19, 2013 by fondant
Your rivals a bit strong, and they are found at the north of kiloude city. (Post game).
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1) Don't evolve until level 98
baby Pokemon take less exp to level than evolved forms.
I then use rare candies to evolve it and see what moves each stage can learn at the relearner

2) trade + lucky egg multipliers
the multipliers stack up so both will give 2.25 x exp or 1.5x for only 1
If you can trade someone you trust to hold your lucky eggs you can replay through trade and repeat until you have one for each poke plus each poke you trade will get the exp boost from coming from a diff game.

3) Use exp share
In xy Whichever Pokemon battles gets full exp while the rest each get half. that means 5 pokes at 50%exp + 1 at 100% = 350% of the total exp you would get without it.
Downsides : making the story too easy, and can't ev train pokes separately when it's on.

answered Oct 19, 2013 by hookrsNboxbrandy
as for "3)"

Super Training allows you to EV train seperately regardless of Exp Share being active or not.
1) isn't true for many/most species. There are several growth rate "levels", and most pokemon stay on the same rate no matter whether they've evolved or not.
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I'll explain my way in steps:

Step 1: Put two of your Pokemon in the daycare. Make sure they won't breed.

Step 2: Go to Centrico Plaza in Lumoise City.

Step 3: Get on your bike.

Step 4: Tape your Circle Pad down.

If done correctly, you'll start going in circles forever. Leave your 3DS for a while, and when you return, your Pokemon in the Daycare will be higher level.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you don't have an egg with you, as it hatching will cause you to have to take off the tape and put it back on.

answered Dec 2, 2013 by CreeperGamer82
What I do is put a penny in the corner of my Circle Pad. The tape might come off so this is a more handy method for me.