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What are all the supermoves?

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Supermoves are generally moves that have a power over 100 and usually have low accuracy or require charging/recharging. Ex:
Physical-Giga Impact
Special-Hyper Beam

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Frenzy Plant
Blast Burn
Hydro Cannon
Fire Blast
Hydro Pump
Focus Blast
Head Smash
Zap Cannon
Stone Edge
Cross Chop
Rock Wrecker
Shadow Force
Iron Tail
Dragon Rush

...I THINK this is all of them, but feel free to add on to the list, guys. =)

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Leaf storm and draco meteor
You forgot about Megahorn,Seed Flare and Mega Kick
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Gunk Shot
Magma Storm
Power WHip
Seed Flare
Spacial Rend
Hammer Arm

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I still have two more
SuperPower and Last Resort.

...and Roar of Time

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