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What are all the differences in people's speech and actions when you use Memory Link in Black/White 2?

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I've noticed that people say different things when you use Memory Link. What are all the things they say differently with and without Memory Link? Can someone give me a list?

Without Memory Link:

I shared this with someone else about two years ago...

With Memory Link (Hero's name is Ayan)

I shared this with Ayan about two years ago...

Note: Don't answer unless you have a list of NPCs with dialogue changes. Don't just say 'People just say your name instead of "trainer"'. We all know that.

Update: Thank you, Indigo :) <3

7/26/14 Update: THIS is not the information I'm looking for. Please STOP posting this link.

8/10/14 Update: Due to Indigo's post and Ninja's compromise, I'll now give you the reason for asking this question. While at first I really wanted to know, my want for the answer has faltered over the past few months. This question has become infamous on the DB. Anyway, the reason is because I'm one of those video game perfectionists. You know, the type who wants to fill the National Pokedex completely and get all the supports and three gold stars, that stuff.

asked Dec 15, 2013 by Ayan
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All I'd take out of it is humour and joy.
It's not even funny anymore, come on guys.
Hide the poor thing! It's like a man barely surviving a car accident! Life wouldn't even matter anymore!
And Ayan I am in progress of answering this.
And thanks.

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