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Is it possible to get a Infernape with Stealth Rock in Pokemon X and Y?

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It's only possible for Infernape to receive stealth rock through the TM in gen 4 or the move tutor in gen 5. But since the move tutors are slacking in gen 6, is it possible to get an Infernape with stealth rock or no?
Thanks for the help ahead of time!

Also, I realize I could get an Infernape with it from gen 5, but am I able to transfer a gen 6 Infernape to gen 5 to receive stealth rock with perfect iv's?

asked Jan 2, 2014 by holypastor

1 Answer

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No, it is impossible to get Infernape with stealth rock in Gen 6 without learning the move stealth rock from gen 4 or 5. No one teaches stealth rock in gen 6 and it cannot be an egg move of imfernape's. Therefore, you cannot get an infernape with steath rock just in gen 6.

Also, pokebank is not out yet but when it does come out, your perfect iv infernape cannot go to gen 5, poke bank does not work like that. If it did, new Pokemon would go to older games, which should not happen. So therefore, without getting a infernape from gen 5 that knows stealth rock already, it is impossible to get an infernape that knows it in gen 6.

answered Jan 2, 2014 by Mr. Blazo
It's like the Johto "Guard" in Gen 1 and 2