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How is Ash's Pikachu so (sorta) strong?

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Did he eat a light ball when he was a baby? was it a result of when Ash super charged him for his rematch against Brock? I know he has experiance but he seems alot like a light ball pikachu becuase he can't take alot of hits and if so how is he so fast Pikachu has only average speed

asked Dec 25, 2010 by Speed freak
edited Jan 25, 2011 by Speed freak

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Ash charging up Pikachu to take on Brock is one of the reasons. Team Rocket said that Pikachu is stronger than the average Pikachu, maybe he has high IVs? He also took out a bunch of Spearow early on, so if we're using video game logic, then that would mean he got a ton of Speed EVs. I doubt that is the ultimate answer, seeing as the video games follow a different system from the games, but more than anything, Ash is the main character, so his pokemon have to win for the most part, otherwise the series would be boring. Who wants to watch a crappy trainer that loses all the time?

answered Dec 25, 2010 by DarkTyphlosion
edited Mar 18, 2011 by DarkTyphlosion
Well he has never won a pokemon league.
But if he did, then he would have no motivation to go the next region, starting the cash flow all over again.
I don't know, its rather entertaining watching Jesse & James getting their tales kicked.  What makes that worth while is how they get beat and the machines Team Rocket uses.
But now in unova team rocket became(sorta) cool, now there isn't a sore looser loosing against Ash:(
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The reason for it being so strong is that it was an expirement by Prof. Oak. The super-charging from the Brock battle thing allowed it to have enough power to take on Ground types in some cases. The reason for the high Speed is that it got a ton of EVs from defeating all those Spearows.

answered Mar 17, 2011 by trachy
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He probably had pokerus when he was super-charged.

answered Mar 16, 2011 by blaziken
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I think because ash is the main character(at ss and hg he red the strongest trainer you battle).

answered Dec 25, 2010 by Boronicolas
edited Dec 27, 2010 by Boronicolas
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Pikachu believes in Ash and Ash has determination.

answered Dec 26, 2010 by staraptor360
That doesn't effect that much if I battled with a lvl 1 magikarp against a maxed out lvl 100 arceus and I was determined who would win?
Yeah but the games are different to the anime. Pikachu doesn't have a 'level' in the anime but he would be lv 100 or more by now if it was more like the games.
He sorta of does have a level though cause in the episode the school of hard knocks one student Giselle says that pikachu looks about level 20 or so
That was during the first season which tried to incorporate more of the gameplay elements.
Yea but also when Ash battles Falkner they mentioned the word level.
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It's because all the episodes and movies Pikachu fights with a bunch of pokemon over all pokemon seasons.

answered Mar 18, 2011 by Max Rodriguez
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It is probably lv. 100

answered May 5, 2011 by Soul