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Action replay codes for the key system keys?

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i want for b2/w2 all the keys (iceberg and all and the easy hard mode and the white city black forest keys).
and dont bug about me cheatin please

asked Jan 16, 2014 by Mega Mewtwo X
Go find the cheats in youtube. It's easy.

2 Answers

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I have two codes but not sure which one is correct.Here are the codes:

12010504 000046C0
D2000000 00000000
(Press Select on Title Menu)


521764F4 D1FC4201
121764F6 000046C0
D2000000 00000000
521C3018 D1082803
121C301A 000046C0
121C30BA 000046C0
121C3106 0000E000
121C31CA 000046C0
121C31EE 000046C0
121C4612 000046C0
D2000000 00000000

Source( for the first one )

Source( for the second one )

Hope I helped!

answered Jan 16, 2014 by ZekromMaster
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Ok, here goes...

52010500 42815880
12010504 000046C0
D2000000 00000000

Press Select after game boots/starts to activate all the keys, then save after enabling your mode. Got it from romulation

Go to Unova Link, click difficulty, and there you go! Challenge Mode and Easy Mode unlocked at the beginning!

Source (Scroll Down To Number 574)
And another Source
And Yet Another Source

answered Jan 17, 2014 by Torterra02