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What is the "Electric Soldier Porygon" anime episode about and why did it put Japanese kids in the hospital?

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I just don't get it, did they use bad language or something?enter image description here

asked Jan 19, 2014 by spikypichy

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Computer Soldier Porygon" (although most commonly known as "Electric Soldier Porygon") is the thirty-eighth episode of the Pokémon anime's first season.
In the episode, Ash and his friends find at the local Pokémon Center that there is something wrong with the Poké Ball transmitting device. To find out what's wrong, they must go inside the machine.
Twenty minutes into the episode, Pikachu stops vaccine missiles with its Thunderbolt attack, resulting in a huge explosion that flashes red and blue lights.
That was the cause of the seizures Japanese Children had.
It was tragic, and many children had to go to the hospital for medical care. Japan's Fire Defense Agency reported that a total of 685 viewers – 310 boys and 375 girls – were taken to hospitals by ambulances.

answered Jan 19, 2014 by Pahff
selected Jan 19, 2014 by spikypichy
Thanks! ... ._.' sweat bead........
Thank You. Didn't children die from it? And How?
Nobody died from it, but the event still got the episode banned.
Flashing lights can trigger seizures in people, especially if they have epilepsy.
And this is why you never show flashing lights in ANYTHING without an epilepsy warning.