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Would a Brave nature be good to super train a Toxicroaks Attack & Sp Attack for Drain Punch & Sludge Wave?

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it's characteristic is Mischievous

asked Jan 20, 2014 by pokecry
edited Jan 21, 2014 by pokecry

2 Answers

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I'd say no. Brave isn't good because Toxicroak's speed is already mediocre at base 85. Its optimum nature would be Jolly or Timid, depending if you want a physical or special set, but a physical set is more recommended for Toxicroak since it packs Sucker Punch.

Also, mixed sets are generally unadvisable for most Pokemon, with the few exception being Salamence & Infernape. Toxicroak is not suited for a mixed move set. If you want it to have a Poison move, go for Poison Jab.

answered Jan 21, 2014 by fondant
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Brave nature is pretty decent, but if I were you I'd go for an ev canceling nature because that speed drop kinda sucks

answered Jan 21, 2014 by Generekt