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Bibarel help?

4 votes

I have shiny Bidoof and I want make it as good as I can. Any suggestions on EVs, moveset, etc.?

Unaware ability
Timid nature (-Att, +Spe)
Quick to flee characteristics (+Spe)
no EVs yet

I was thinking about:
Super Fang

asked Jan 2, 2011 by DarthDestiny

3 Answers

4 votes

Pluck - Cover Fighting types and can steal berries

Toxic - Big Advantage

Double Team - use it 2-6 times and he will become pretty evasive... :D

Thunderbolt - He needs a fairly strong move, chance to paralyze :D

Pretty good?

answered Jan 8, 2011 by ƒιzz
1 vote

I think your bidoof should know iron tail,shadow ball,super power,and attract.

answered Jan 8, 2011 by barry's#1fan
–3 votes

My opinion is to change the attacks

Iron tail/hiperfang
Ice beam
Grass Knot/water fall

answered Jan 2, 2011 by Raptor ex 911
Ice Beam? Grass Knot? Bibarel has higher attack but these are special moves
Actually it is ok with the attack decrease and speed increase
Well, Pakey, right again. I totaly forgot about that. So, mixed?
Right again?

and yes mixed sounds good unless you are looking for a hm slave