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Whats a good Emerald moveset for Camerupt ?

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For now since it's still Numel:

Amnesia-Sharply raises special defense

Overheat-high special attack, STAB

Magnitude-STAB, can be very powerful

take down-sucks

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3 Answers

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My Camerupt in Emerald Was Amazing. This was its moveset:

Earthquake: Not Bad Attack.

Overheat: All your other moves are physical, so the SA Drop don't matter too much.

Rock Slide: Learns it when it evolves. Good coverage.

Strength: Decent Power and a Useful HM:)

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My camerupt knows:
and it knows body slam which for me is a brilliant move set

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My camerupt had:
flamethrower (game corner)
eruption(great move when full hp/hi hp)
rock slide

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