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Ar code for all 649 Pokemon in pc boxes and code for auto level 100 of marked Pokemon for all 5th gen games?

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i want codes for all the 4 5th gen games
b/w b2/w2
plz I want all 649 Pokemon in pc boxes and auto level 100 for marked Pokemon in pc boxes
n I mainly want for w and w2

asked Feb 6, 2014 by Mega Mewtwo X

1 Answer

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Well I didn't find any codes that fit your description, but however I did find a the next best thing
Black 1 AR codes
White 1 AR codes
Black 2 AR codes
White 2 AR codes
So in Black 1 and White on what you can do instead of that code you can catch the Pokemon for the Pokemon modifier like that. I didnt find the same thing with Black 2 or White 2

answered Feb 6, 2014 by Pooka