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Is this emerald team any good ?

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Swampert-e-quake,waterfall,surf,ice beam

camrupt-overheat,rock slide,e-quake,strangth

alteria (evolved jsut now)-supe power,fly,arielace,d-breath

slaking-hyper beam,e-quake,slack off,bulk up

flygon-d-claw,fire blast,e-quake,crunch

agron-double-edge,iron tail,e-quake,protect

and I want to add these 2 pokemon to the team for veritey :

milotic-ice beam,hydro pump,>>>?<<<,>>>?<<<

dusklops-shadow ball and other moves that I don't know

so any suggestions for improve ? and movesets ?

asked Jan 5, 2011 by charizard

1 Answer

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Yes, very good indeed.^^ I would suggest swapping alteria with dusclops because alteria would have a 4x disadvantage against ice moves and you already have one dragon pokemon. Also I would suggest you try to make sure your pokemon could defeat every possible type. Is there any reasons why most of your pokemon know earthquake?

answered Jan 5, 2011 by coolunknown2