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Questions about Power Saves (Action Replay for 3DS/2DS)?

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How do I clone Pokemon?

How do I get Diancie (Unreleased Pokemon) and All The Shiny-Locked Pokemon? (Shiny Xerneas, Yveltal etc.)

What Else Can We do with the 3DS Power Saves to Pokemon?

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Watch this to see how to get Diancie using power save and this for the shiny lcked legends.And these are the other things you can do with power save:

You can clone Pokemon by backing up your save file, and then putting the Pokemon you want duped onto Pokebank. Then just copy the backed-up save file back to your cartridge, and repeat until you have the desired amount.

There are also other little cheats included with it, like injecting a Diancie Mystery Gift into your save file, which can be found in the interface somewhere... I've never used it, but it should be fairly user-friendly.

Make sure you actually have a 3DS Power Saves device, as you said you've had it for a long time, and it hasn't been out but for 3 months or so. If it's a DS game power save device, then it's worthless with X/Y.


Hope I helped!

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Thanks ^^

Is there a video on how to clone though? :o

And how to get a shiny diancie? :3
Not sure.Just look through youtube.You might find something there.