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Which starter type is the best?

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Fire, water, or grass?? Depends on moveset, stats, and personal battle syle and preferences.

asked Jun 11, 2010 by ng luv jj
retagged Jun 19, 2012

5 Answers

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I think you better choose a fire starter, but it's depend on the games too! I stop using the other type... you know why? Because is hard to find a wild fire type pokemon. For example emarald, you will find a wild fire pokemon after you beat the third gym in mauville city, but that's just my opinion! Hope this usefull...

answered Jun 11, 2010 by Wobbuffet33
yup, I always use fire type coz I love speed and high attack, I just want to know which one is the best 4 you all :D
4 votes

it depends on you battle style if you like fast use fire types except in hoenn then use sceptile if you like defensive grass types except in hoenn then use swampert if you like attack/special attack water types except in hoenn then use blazekin

answered Jun 11, 2010 by Speed freak
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I like the Fire type starters(except Infernape cause he is terrible) even though Swampert is my favorite. If I could, I would choose the Ground type starters. I LOVE Swampert and Torterra because they are ground types. Anyway I like the Fire Types because they have High attack, Special attack and speed, which(in my opinion, are the best stats). Also, the Fire type starters have more not very effective types than the other types. That is what I think, hope this helps!

answered Jun 11, 2010 by Swampert
i agree thoughs stats are my favorites
I know, they rule!
Infernape was so dissapointing.
Thats true, some people like infernape and I don't get why, its not good
BUT swampert ur stats opion it good
Infernape is the best, why do you hate him
look infernape is soooo good because it can use earthquake(good for empoleon)and many good more moves so why dont chose him?i got every gym badge with him in diamond(with changed movesets)
2 votes

For me it depends on the generation. I choose the one that has a secondary element as well as a primary element, but it's your choice.

Hope this helps!!!

answered Dec 17, 2010 by topper156
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Even though there is a best answer, I hope this helps
The Kanto and Johto starters have little advantages/disadvantages with the gyms and the Elite Four/Champion. Can't really tell what the advantages are, though. For Hoenn, either Treeko or Mudkip, my opinion is Mudkip is better. For Sinnoh Tirtwig. Lastly Unova is undecided.

answered Feb 22, 2013 by Troll Patrol
this is two years old, don't answer, its unnecessary
I don't know why people still are commenting on it.