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Previous owner used action replay codes, will I suffer a corrupted save file?

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So I just got Heart Gold used, and when I booted the game up the previous owner had left their save file. Curious I went to check it out. Surprisingly with only a couple of hours of game play they had gotten groudon, Ho-oh, and Kyogre. groudon and kygore being at level 100. That's when I checked the summary of the Pokemon. I found out that groudon and kyogre had been obtained as eggs from the day care. Will the use of action replay codes by the previous owner effect me if I start a new game?

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Depends on what Action Replay codes they used, really.

If those are all the Action Replay codes they used, your game should be generally fine. And anyway, I believe the game will return to it's normal coding if you reset the game anyway, however I don't hack the game so I don't really know. Either way, just restart your game. It should be fine.

Hope I helped. :)
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Thanks for the reply. Restarted and so far so good.