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Do you think Aura Sphere is the perfect move for a fighting type pokemon?

7 votes

It has 90 power and 20PP that would always hit no matter the accuracy or the evasiveness.

asked Jan 12, 2011 by coolunknown2

1 Answer

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For most Fighting-types: no.

Most Fighting-types (Not all, but about 95% of them) have extremey low special Attack, meaning aura Sphere would be very mediocre on most of them. The only notable Fighting-type that comes to mind for using AS well is Lucario.

However, Aura Sphere normally spreads its use to Ubers, decent Special Sweepers (Togekiss) and as of late, the legendary dogs.

These Pokemon have much better Special attack than Fighting-types, and put it use much better use than your run-of-the-mill Fighting-type Pokemon would.

answered Jan 12, 2011 by ~-~WILL~-~