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What are all of the starters siganture moves?

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I know balziken has blaze kick, Chesnaught has spiky shield, I think greninja has water shruiken, But what are all of them?

asked Apr 11, 2014 by Bob Mcfluffykins
Blaze Kick isnt a signature move,other pokemon can learn it too. and i think Water Shuriken and Spiky Shield are the only 2 starter signature moves...
Mystical fire for Delphox is also a signature move

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Please note, that I have included the Gens next to the moves. What this means is that the particular move was/is their signiature move IN THAT GEN ONLY. So that means for example Venusaur line - Frenzy Plant (Gen III), Frenzy Plant was Venusaur's signiature move IN GEN III

Venusaur line - Frenzy Plant (Gen III)
Charizard line - Blast Burn (Gen III)
Blastoise line - Skull Bash (Gen II), Hydro Cannon (Gen III)

Typhlosion line - N/A
Feraligator line - N/A
Meganium line - N/A

Sceptile line - Leaf Blade (Gen III)
Blaziken - Blaze Kick (Gen III)
Swampert line - Muddy Water (Gen III)

Torterra line - N/A
Infernape line - N/A
Empoleon line - N/A

Emboar line - Heat Crash (Gen V, VI)
Serperior - N/A
Samurott - N/A

Greninja - Water Shruiken / Mat Block (Gen VI)
Delphox - Mystical Fire (Gen VI)
Chesnaught - Spiky Shield (Gen VI)

Also note that the moves Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn and Hydro Cannon became available to all the starters in Gen IV only.


answered Apr 11, 2014 by Sempiternus
selected Jan 1 by Bob Mcfluffykins
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