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Will using Choice Scarf/Band + Last Resort work even though it is its only move?

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Will it?

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asked Jun 21, 2014 by Toxicroak
edited Aug 19, 2014 by Sempiternus
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2 Answers

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No, unfortunately. Last Resort fails if it is the only move the user knows. Not much more to say.

Edit: OK, so I tested it with both choice scarf and choice band, and Last Resort fails for both of them, so yeah, it wasn't true that it works with choice items.


answered Jun 21, 2014 by ~Crimson~
selected Jun 21, 2014 by Toxicroak
Why did you ask this if you know the answer?
I needed proof
I'll test it.
No problem : )
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NO, it will not work. If Last Resort is your only move, then you can't use it.

Source: Experience

answered Jun 21, 2014 by [Dark Star] Greninja
this is tested