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What are all of the moves that have a 100% chance of lowering a stat?

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Like Icy Wind and Rock Tomb

asked Jun 23, 2014 by Almighty Derpados
Is this just physical and special moves, or is it status moves as well?
Just physical and special

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Foe lowering:
Icy Wind(speed)
Rock Tomb(speed)
Low Sweep(speed)
Mud Shot(speed)
Mud Slap(accuracy)
Acid Spray(Sp.Def)
Mystical Fire(Sp.Atk)
Struggle Bug(Sp.Atk)

Self lowering:
V-create(defense, sp.def, speed)
Psycho Boost(sp.atk)
Leaf Storm(sp.atk)
Draco Meteor(sp.atk)
Superpower(attack, defense)
Close Combat(defense, sp.def)
Hammer Arm(speed)
Hope I helped!

answered Jun 23, 2014 by Qwerty_Zoom
selected Jun 23, 2014 by Almighty Derpados
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Curse -lower speed
Shell smash-lower defense and sp. Def
Superpower-lower attack and defense
Aurora beam-lower attack
Baby-doll eyes-lower attack
Charm-lower attack
Featherdance-lower attack
Growl-lower attack
King's shield-lower attack hit by direct contact
Memento-lower attack and sp. Atk
Noble roar-lower attack and sp. Atk
Parting shot-lower attack and sp. Atk
Play nice-lower attack
Tickle-lower attack and defense
Venom Drench-lower attack sp. Atk and speed if poisoned
Close combat-lower defense and sp. Def
V-create-lower defense Sp. Def and speed
Leer-lower defense
Tail whip-lower defense
Bulldoze-lower speed
Cotton spore-lower speed
Electroweb-lower speed
Glaciate-lower speed
Icy wind-lower speed
Mud shot-lower speed
Rock tomb-lower speed
Scary face-lower speed
Sticky web-lower speed when sent in
Draco meteor-lower sp. Atk
Leaf storm-lower sp. Atk
Overheat-lower sp. Atk
Psycho boost-lower sp. Atk
Captivate-lower sp. Atk if opposite gender
Confide-lower sp. Atk
Eerie impulse-lower sp. Atk
Mystic fire-lower sp. Atk
Snarl-lower sp. Atk
Struggle bug-lower sp. Atk
Acid spray-lower sp. Def
Fake tears-lower sp. Def
Metal sound-lower sp. Def
Seed flare-lower sp. Def
Flash-lower accuracy
Kinesis-lower accuracy
Mud-slap-lower accuracy
Ocatzooka-lower accuracy
Sand attack-lower accuracy
Smokescreen-lower accuracy
Defog-lower Evasion
Sweet scent-lower evasion

answered Jun 23, 2014 by Your Worst Nightmare
For a second I thought that I had missed a lot lol
Nope i went try hard and didn't see he only wanted physical and special