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What moves can bypass Protect?

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I used King's Shield with Aegislash and someone was able to hit me with Thunder Wave. Are there other moves like this?

asked Jul 1, 2014 by Pimplup
Looked at it, keyword "attack"

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These moves can bypass protect:


Hope I helped. :]

Edit: Protect should have stopped T-wave, so I don't really know what happened there. :/

answered Jul 1, 2014 by JackZero
selected Jul 2, 2014 by Pimplup
wow,exactly the same answer
I did it first though :/
Moves like T-Wave and WoW now go through King's Shield :3
Oh, my bad. Thanks, Dan. :D
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King's Shield is unable to defend against status moves or any of the following moves:
- Doom Desire
- Feint
- Future Sight
- Shadow Force
- Phantom Force

King's Shield can't stop status, which is why it hit. These moves pass through Protect as well:
enter image description here


answered Jul 2, 2014 by Le Scraf
Immortal answered the question; you solved my problem.  Thanks! +1
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