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If I run from a battle chain fishing, does the chain number increase or not?

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I want to know if I catch a Pokemon at say - chain 3 and run from it, is it counted as chain 4 or not, I want to be able to catch a shiny luvdisc faster.

asked Jul 1, 2014 by LiamK3

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Running from battle will not break your chain.

Hope I helped. :)

answered Jul 1, 2014 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
selected Aug 10, 2014 by &Psychic x
What I meant is if I run, will I have the same effects as catching or making it faint?

Thanks for responding!
Basically, the only effect it will make will continue the chain.
So yes, basically it will have the same effect. xD
Awesome! Thanks so much!