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Does it cost more to pre-order a pokemon game or buy it when it comes out?

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And which store(In Canada) is best to buy it in. Like walmart or Zellers

asked Feb 12, 2011 by Speed freak

3 Answers

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Usually it'll between 5-10 bucks to pre-order, but any store will keep it for as long as you like, meaning you don't have to worry about still getting in there opening day to get yuor reserved copy.

The games themselves are said to be cheaper than the Generation 4 games were ($30-$35), and plus the pre-order fee, you'll be paying about $50 at most, after taxes.

answered Feb 12, 2011 by ~-~WILL~-~
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Actually, I have usually seen it where you buy a pre-order card. These cards cost a dollar. These cards will then make it so they will hold a copy of the game for usually one week, and after that they will sell it if they run out of non-pre-ordered copies. You will have to bring the card to reclaim the game, and then pay the normal price of the game. However, pre-ordering usually gives you special things, in most cases downloadable stuff. However, for games without downloadable stuff, they might offer a $5 gift card. The only problem with pre-ordering is you have to make sure you reclaim the game before week's end.

answered Feb 12, 2011 by trachy
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Your best bet is to pre-order online at somewhere like Amazon. There's no pre-order fee and they guarantee that if the price drops between you ordering and them shipping it, you pay the lowest price.

answered Feb 13, 2011 by Pokemaster